Never dwell in the dark cause the sun always rises

Hey yo, I’ve been high and I’ve been real low
I’ve been beaten and broken but I healed though
So many ups and downs, roughed up and clowned
We all got problems, but we deal though
I’m trying to do better now, find my inner peace
Learn my art form, and find my inner Chi
When my backs on the wall, I don’t freeze up
Nah, I find my inner strength and I re-up
I know I’ve never been the smartest or wisest
But I realize what it takes
Never dwell in the dark cause the sun always rises
But gotta make it to the next day
It’s a feeling that you get in your lungs when you run
Like you’re running out of air and your breath won’t come
And you wheezin’, gotta keep it moving
Find that extra umph and push your way through it

I’ve had bad habits but I dropped them
I’ve had opponents but I knocked them out
I climbed the highest mountains
I swum the coldest seas
There ain’t a thing I’ve faced that’s been too much for me

Nobody’s gonna see me coming
Nobody’s gonna hear a sound
No matter how hard they trying
No stoppin’ me since I’ve found
My inner ninja

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